Erasmus prize

This is the Dutch prize for an extraordinary contribution to European culture. The prize reflects the way of thinking of Erasmus: tolerant, non-dogmatic and critical.
The prize consists of a concertina-folded fabric band weighted at either end with titanium plates. It forms a book when folded.
The object turns the awarding of the prize into a ceremony: when the recipient has the band hung about his neck, he is received into the company of Erasmus Prize winners. The band bears a hand-written text by Erasmus:

‘variae sunt ingeniorum dotes multae seculorum varietates sunt.
quod quisque potest in medium proferat nec alteri quisquam invideat qui pro sua virili suoque modo conatur publicis studiis utilitatis aliquid adiungere’

‘diverse are the gifts of men of genius and many are the different kinds of ages.
let each one reveal the scope of his competence and let no one be envious of another who in keeping with his own ability and style tries to make a useful contribution to the education of all.’

Produced by Studio Ninaber.


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