Liber Amicorum Willem Hoyng

Willem Hoyng is a top lawyer in intellectual property (IP) and is known as sharp, surprising and contrary.

The book is a translation of his character and his lawsuits. The exterior is a wink to his gown: in the courtroom Willem Hoyng unbuttoned stubborn his lawyers robe and the lining of Burberry, his client, was visible. Therefore, the book cover is deep black, subdued and serious – it makes curious what’s inside the book.

The typography inside is grafted to make the very large text masses accessible. The colour and the characters of the headings are changing by every article, therefore arises a signage through the book.

This Liber Amicorum is offered to Willem Hoyng in celebration of his 40th anniversary as an IP lawyer and his 25th anniversary as a professor of IP at Tilburg University.

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PrintMatters (magazine), 2014


German Design Award Nominee
German Design Award Nominee