Randstad desk set

The desk set is a series of promotional gifts for Randstad intermediaries to give to their clients. Every object has its own story and therefore serves as an ice-breaker in introductory meetings. Randstad sells a service, which is illustrated by a tangible, high-quality product. Giving a gift leads to a conversation and invites action.

The serrated knife of the adhesive tape holder appears only when you pull the tape, to avoid the risk of injury.
The paperclip holder rocks to and fro on the desktop tempting you to use it.
The shape of the ruler reflects the tension that has distorted it. This energy invites you to action when you grab hold of it.
The curved base of the pen-holder always holds it towards you, offering you its pens.
The shape of the pencil sharpener is dictated by the entrance for the pencil and the sharpening movement.

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iF Award product design
iF Award product design
Good Industrial Design
Good Industrial Design

The desk set was designed when Bruno Ninaber van Eyben was a partner in NPK.