KPK box

The former Royal Medal Coin Cabinet (Koninklijk Penning Kabinet) had conducted thorough research into a professional storage system for their coins and medals. There was no single existing product that fully satisfied its extensive programme of requirements. For this reason the Royal Medal Coin Cabinet asked Studio Ninaber to produce an entirely new product. The result is the KPK box.

This is a modular system consisting of 10 different-sized trays for various sizes of coins. This allows the storage drawer to be efficiently organised. The tray can be flipped out of the drawer without touching the coin simply by pressing down on the front side. The coins lie on a scratch-free, inert mat. Every box has a folded (unglued) label made from acid, chlorine and wood-free paper.
Together, all of this ensures that the coins are optimally conserved.

Where to get

Centendo bv, T +31 15 284 05 75,

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Information folder

The KPK box was designed when Bruno Ninaber van Eyben was a partner in NPK.