Expandable Memories

‘When I write or draw in a notebook, I sometimes also like to paste in other items.
I tear something out of a magazine, print out an article from the internet, or find a ticket to an event that I attended. These things will not fit in a traditionally bound book, because it won’t close properly with items pasted in. This book offers you space to keep the actual physical mementos of your life. It grows just as your memories do.’
Dorothee Pape

This book is part of a limited series of hand-numbered publications from Antalis. There were requirements only for the size and the paper types; the design concept is in the designer’s hands.
This book has been bound without thread or glue, which led to the discovery of a brand-new bookbinding method.


'More with less' challenge, book, 2013
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Mooi Marginaal
Mooi Marginaal
More with less Challenge
More with less Challenge